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    August 16, 2018 by TotallyTope

    Hey! It's TT x or TotallyTop√© here today! \

    As I have come for some discussion whether Nozomi or Keiichi will end up together. I am an ON and OFF switch type of person, which means that sometimes there are times when I feel a couple is compatible or if they are not. But his is all due to their actions of course.

    So let me just. get down to the point.. WILL NOZOMI AND KEIICHI EVER END UP TOGETHER??!!!!?!

    You see this question has been on my mind lately as I just wonder and wonder and wonder if its a possibility. The other 3 boys (Natsuki, Tomoya and Tsuyopon) already have girlfriends and some even show how it happened.

    The picture of Nozomi and Keiichi aint even real is it??? 

    Coming back to edit ;3 x

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