Kakei (?) is a supporting character in the Nijiiro Days series. He is a member the basketball club, Wataru Mochizuki's best friends and in the same class as Anna Kobayakawa.

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Kakei is a very tall and muscular young man. He has short, messy black hair and is always seen with a hat, a headband or a cap, in which his eyes are never shown. He is often depicted in his school uniform and hoddies regularly.

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Kakei is a fairly quiet person who is very practical and analytical, but he is still quite easy-going and has no problem working with others. He usually holds a calm and level-headed personality in most situations and takes everything quite nicely, and he is also reliable, responsible and keeps everything in order. He is very devoted and supporting towards his best friends, Mochizuki, and tries to help with the latter's progress with his relationship with Anna at all costs. However, Kakei considers himself as a wimp since he hasn't acted on his romantic feelings for the person he likes either in which he also doesn't take the initiative to make any moves because he doesn't have any guts. He is also noted to be calculating since when he learns about someone's personality well, he can use it against them.

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Wataru Mochizuki Edit

Mochizuki is Kakei's best friend who is the only one who calls him by his first name, and they are clubmates, and classmates as well. They are very close and are often seen by each other's side, especially Kakei since he really cares for Mochizuki. He views Mochizuki as a dear and precious friend and is very devoted to him, he thinks Mochizuki is really awesome and does his best to help him in his relationship with Anna. He states that he is only on his side and will do anything to help him, may it be preventing others to get in his way and hurting others. He is very considerate of him and constantly makes sure he is okay, and he also doesn't want Mochizuki to push himself too hard. Although Kakei will call out Mochizuki whenever he does something selfish (as in when he gave Natsuki anxiety by telling him Anna already someone else he liked after he held back and didn't interrupt his confession) Kakei states he would never turn his back on Mochizuki. Kakei is also fully encouraging and supporting towards him in everything, in which he believes in him, since Kakei knows he has been doing his best. Whenever Mochizuki messes up or stumbles, Kakei is always there for ― and reassures him.

It has also been slightly hinted that the person Kakei likes is indeed Mochizuki. He was seen being slightly sad when he saw Mochizuki's devotion to make Anna fall in love with him. Although Kakei wants to date the person he loves, he doesn't take the initiative to make any moves on the person he loves since he is afraid of doing so and thinks everything will just go to vain. He also states that he fell in love with the wrong person as well, but never once has he thought about loving this person as wrong and unnecessary.

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  • He states that he has up to three people he has feelings for.

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