Taizo Sanada (真田 泰蔵 Sanada Taizō?) is a side character in the Nijiiro Days series. He is the captain of the basketball club and is also friends with Keiichi Katakura.


Taizo is a young man with a tall and muscular build. He has wavy blond hair reaching his neck which is pulled back by a red hair band. He has small brown-colored eyes and a beauty mark under his left eye. He is usually depicted in a normal Seiryou High School uniform for boys.


Taizo is very kind, laid-back and carefree, and also friendly and polite towards people. He is very caring, especially towards his friends and will try to help then when they have problems.


Taizo first appeared when he asked Keiichi if he wanted to play basket, to which Keiichi agreed to. He is later seen comforting Keiichi since he was a little unsure about himself because he is a sadist. Taizo contacted Natsuki, Tomoya and Tsuyoshi about this and the next day, the three boys started talking with him and cheering him up, thinking that Keiichi had changed and becomed a masochist instead. However, Keiichi cleared that misunderstanding.


Keiichi KatakuraEdit

Keiichi and Taizo are good friends since they have known each other since middle school. Though put in different classes in high school, their friendly relationship remains, since they often hang out after school. Taizo occasionally asks Keiichi if he wants to play some sport at school-- which Keiichi for the most part agrees to. Since Taizo has known Keiichi for a while, he is able to dodge Keiichi's wip. When Keiichi is feeling down, Taizo tries to help him out as much as possible.

Kaori ChibaEdit

Taizo and Chiba are on friendly terms. They get along well because they are both into sports, and Taizo and Chiba are captains of the basketball club and volleyball club; respectively. They often wish each other good luck when they are about to play a match. Taizo also cares about her well-being and was worried about her when since she hand't been doing well lately, to which Chiba comments Taizo being a good guy. Though both of them denies that they are a couple, Chiba stated he usually asks Taizo for advice about various things such as sports. Natsuki and the others have stated that they have would make a good couple. Though they haven't shown any romantic interest in each other as of now, they are still really close and are very comfortable with each other. They are seen as a duo and are often seen together.



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